Energy Efficient Solutions

We have a team of passionate people dedicated to energy management, and particularly skilled at applying the science of lighting. As an outcome-driven integrated solution provider, our focus is on improving business profitability, either directly through reducing operating costs and energy savings or indirectly by creating more comfortable and productive environment.
At Ablers, we enable solutions and believe in going the “extra” mile.


Key Value Propositions

Turnkey Lighting Solutions For Commercial Establishments
We offer end-to-end services in energy management
  • Audit
  • Design & Analysis
  • Supply & Installation
  • Monitoring & Verification
LED Luminaries for Residential & Commercial Application
Lighting accounts for a sizable percent of all energy use around us. All this light, however, comes at a cost; producing the electricity creates
pollution from power plants and greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy needs from lighting even just by half could save billions of dollars and help wean us off our dependence on oil.
Our current system of light is tremendously inefficient; incandescent bulbs waste 95 percent of the energy flowing through them as heat.
LEDs are long lasting, extremely rugged and are ten times more energy efficient than current incandescent lights. In addition, they remain at room temperature, which can cut down energy use even further by reducing air-conditioning that today offsets heat from lights.
Product Range
Residential Applications:
  • LED bulbs from 3 W to 24 W
  • Indoor LED Luminaries
Commercial Applications:
  • Street Lights
  • Decorative Lights
  • Spot Lights


UPS/Inverters & Batteries
UPS/ Inverters are devices that convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to run electrical appliances and also charge the battery when there is power availability simultaneously.
We at Ablers offer wide range of technologically advanced Inverters and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for home and commercial purposes. We offer complimentary site survey to understand the exact need of our client and recommend the best solution accordingly. We have a well-equipped service centre to provide 24/7 after sales service support, with a team of service engineers, who are factory trained to rectify all kinds of faults.
Product Range
  • Residential Applications 800 VA to 4 kVA
  • Commercial Applications 5 kVA to 400 kVA